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  • The Estimate: We Will bring your vehicle into our well-lit and spacious estimate bay. Once in the bay our technicians will start collecting data. Once all the data has been collected our technician will then enter into our state-of-the-art estimation database in order to produce the most accurate estimate possible. After the system makes the estimate, we will order all the parts needed for the repair. If you cannot drive your vehicle home, a rental can be arranged for you.

  • Step 2- Insurance Approval: After the estimate is finished, we will send a copy of the estimate to your auto insurance company. The insurance company will then review the estimate and may question and negotiate with us what needs to be done. This is when the insurance company will decide if your vehicle is set for repairs, or if it is a total loss.

  • Step 3 – Disassembly: Once approval from the insurance company, the disassembly process can begin. When disassembly begins, we may find more hidden damage that was not discovered in the base inspection, this is a common occurrence. We will resend the estimate and wait for the insurance company’s response. Once approved we will order all the additional parts needed to get the job done right.

  • Step 4 – Gather Parts: With the estimates approved by your insurance company, our parts specialist does to work. This specialist is used to get the parts to our shop as soon as possible. As soon as we have all the parts, we can begin the process of rebuilding your vehicle.

  • Step 5 – Structure Repair: In this process the unibody is repaired to the factory specifications. A computer-based system is used to accurately measure your frame for a more accurate repair.

  • Step 6 – Body Repair: Now it is time to start rebuilding your vehicle. We will replace your exterior panels and align them to the manufacturer’s specification.

  • Step 7 – Paint: Preparation is the key to the best paint job possible. The panels that are needing paint are prepped, primed, and sealed. The paint is then mixed to the exact color of your vehicle with our computerized color matching machine. Then the paint is applied and baked on in the dust-free state of the art painting bay.

  • Step 8- Reassembly: All the final pieces are then placed on your vehicle along with checking all you vehicle system.

  • Step 9 – Detailing: With our full-time detailing specialists, they will detail your vehicle and get it prepped to return to you. Your vehicle is then road tested to make sure everything that was done meets or exceeds the manufacturers standards.

  • Step 10- Delivery: Once everything checks out we ill call you and set up an appropriate time to deliver your vehicle. You then can inspect the vehicle yourself and see all the work we did. We will give you all the details of the final paperwork and then you can drive off in your clean and fully repaired vehicle.

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